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Why would kfc change their fries? Why do they look different, last time it had more authentic “look and taste”, why did you change them?

Because many guests preferred the 6×6 fries instead of the 11×11. This is why we’ve decided to back to our old fries.

Why are the fries different size to last week?

Because we changed our fries from 11×11 to 6×6. This is a different cut and therefore a different size.

Who influences the change of the fries?

We listen carefully to our guests to give them the best experience at our restaurants. As many guests asked for our old 6×6 fries, we did a lot of testing and consumer reviews and found that most people enjoy our 6×6 better than our 11×11.

Why do they taste different?

Because these fries are cut from a different type of potato. The 6×6 comes without skin (which has a typical earthy note).

The packaging is smaller, does that mean I’m paying the same money for less fries in the bag? / am I getting more or less fries in the portion than before?

Definitely not, we always make sure you get the right value for money. You might even get some more fries, the weight is a little bit more.

You’ve changed your fries again, how long until you change them back or are they permanent?

Changing fries was a big decision, for the foreseeing time we won’t be changing the fries.

What is the difference in fat content?

The 11×11 fries have 9.6 grams of fat per 100 grams of product. The 6×6 fries have 14.4 grams of fat per 100 grams of product. More nutritionals can be found on KFC’s website.